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What Is WifiTastic?

Hotels, Internet cafes and Big-Name coffee shops have them.

WifiTastic makes it Granny-Simple™ for you to have a hotspot too.

Here is how it works:

We send you a WifiTastic Hotspot. You plug it into your Internet. Good things happen

  • Just like a normal Hotspot, people can sign up for an hour, a day or a month of Internet access.
  • We handle the payment, we make sure that the hotspot gives them access, and then we pay you
  • People who live near you can sign up for monthly access. We'll bill them every month, and then we pay you. (coming soon)
  • You decide how much people should pay for hourly, daily or monthly access.
  • You don't even need to keep a computer connected to the hotspot. Money keeps coming in!

It's like plugging a money tree into your Internet connection. You plug it in, people share your connection. We pay you 60%% of what people pay to connect..

WifiTastic is so easy, a No-Hassle Hotspot makes sense for anyone

  • If you run a café, or a small hotel, it's incredibly easy to give your customers Internet access and make it pay for itself.
  • If you live in an apartment, or near other houses, you can share your Internet with your neighbors. And we'll pay you!
  • If you have a bed and breakfast, or a motel, or a live opposite a café, or beside a park, or anywhere where people might use the Internet; You can share your connection and we'll pay you!

If nothing else, it's a wireless network for you...

  • Even if no-one ever uses your No-Hassle Hotspot, then you still have a home wireless network for you and your family. And it didn't cost you any more than a normal home network.
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