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What Is Wifi?

Wifi is the new way for computers to connect to the Internet without wires!

Almost all new computers are able to connect to Wifi networks, and this is rapidly becoming the standard way for people to get connected.
It's now common to see Wifi networks in cafes, airports and hotels. Increasingly, customers expect to find them.

Wifi users will often have their Laptops set up to notify them when they are in range of a Wifi network. Many people even carry small devices which detect wifi networks in an area without even the need for them to turn on their

Millions of people now have wireless laptops, phones and PDAs and are looking for places to get their Internet fix when they're away from home!

Similarly, Wifi is rapidly becoming the standard way for home computers to connect to the Internet which means that neighbors can now easily use the same Internet connection.

With a WifiTastic Hotspot, you can offer a Wifi network for customers or neighbors, set the connection fee and earn 60% of all the takings.

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