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Terms and Conditions WifiTastic Hotspot Customers.

The internet connection is provided to you by the hotspot owner on an 'as is' basis.

Neither the owner nor WifiTastic can guarantee the quality, speed or reliability of the internet connection.

Neither the owner nor WifiTastic can take responsibility for any consequence of a failure or problem with the internet connection.

If you are unhappy with the connection, you should first contact the owner of the hotspot (details in your airtime purchase notification email). If you cannot reach a resolution, you should then contact WifiTastic.

Terms and Conditions WifiTastic Hotspot Owners.

We provide the WifiTastic service, you provide the internet connection

We will do our best to provide the following:

  • Managing access to your internet connection
  • Billing customers for access to your internet connection

Sometimes this won't work. We'll do our best to keep it working, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences if it fails.

You provide the following:

  • Provide an internet connection which you are allowed to re-sell to customers.

You are responsible for paying for the internet connection.

You are responsible for the use of the internet connection (we do not control how it is used)

You are responsible for ensuring that you have permission to use your internet connection with the WifiTastic service

You are responsible for the relationship with customers of your internet connection - we only provide a billing service on your behalf.

You may only use the contact details of your customers to provide support or to keep them informed about your hotspot. If they request that you stop contacting them, you must respect that request.

If your customers complain, we have the authority to grant them refunds for payments they have made at our discretion (though normally, we'll leave you to manage refunds and credit)

We will pay you 60% of payments made (minus any refunds). We will pay you on a monthly basis providing your balance is $100 or greater. If your balance is less than $100, we will hold it until it reaches $100. If you request payment before your balance is $100, we reserve the right to deduct a small transaction charge to cover the cost of making the payment.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions, though we will give at least 30 days notice before making any change.

We reserve the right to stop providing this service to you if we feel you are abusing it.

You have the right to stop using this service at any time.

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