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BETA Program Lets Broadband Subscribers Generate Additional Revenue

WifiTastic Converts Any Wireless Networks Into Public WiFi Hotspots

BETA Program Lets Broadband Subscribers Generate Additional Revenue

OAHU, HI -- 04/03/2006 -- WifiTastic, LLC. today introduced its public BETA program. WifiTastic enables any broadband subscriber to create a revenue-generating hotspot providing high-speed, wireless Internet access to users of WiFi-ready laptops, PCs, Macs and PDAs. BETA testers can register now at www.WifiTastic.com.

By setting up a commercial hotspot, owners can earn money by charging people in the vicinity of their wireless router to connect for a fixed hourly, daily or monthly fee. While the company provides a suggested pricing model, WifiTastic owners can determine their own rates. Users can connect to the router, pay by credit card, and then access the Internet. WifiTastic handles the billing and returns 60% of the proceeds directly to the hotspot owner.

"WifiTastic is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to set up a secure, reliable commercial WiFi hotspot," said David Sidrane, Co-Founder of WifiTastic. "Instead of providing advertising-supported WiFi access, we're letting any broadband users earn money by securely sharing their high speed access. Whether it's with neighbors at home or work, or offering Internet in their café, bar, or hotel, WifiTastic, for the first time, makes it practical for anyone to operate a WiFi hotspot."

Currently, the service is compatible with the Linksys WRT54G router. Users can simply purchase a pre-configured router or update their existing Linksys router by downloading and installing a free firmware update from WifiTastic.

As part of the beta promotion, the Linksys WRT54GL router is available directly from WifiTastic for free*. The BETA program is expected to last through May 2006.

About WifiTastic

WifiTastic was founded in September, 2005 by David Sidrane of SmartPhoneTools.com and TreoBits.com and Rob Jonson of HobbyistSoftware.com. The co-founders identified an opportunity to help broadband subscribers monetize their connections while expanding the reach and availability for WiFi coverage. The company is dedicated to providing easy, affordable, and secure commercial hotspots. The result is WifiTastic, an all inclusive solution that combines access and payment processing for WiFi users in the vicinity of the hotspot. For more information, please visit www.WifiTastic.com.

* After owners generate $250 in total sales, WifiTastic will, in addition to the commission already paid, send an additional $80 to cover the cost of the router. SOURCE:  WifiTastic

3 Apr 2006

MultiCurrency and new Firmware

WifiTastic News

We've been busy over the last couple of months making WifiTastic better. Thanks particularly to those beta testers who have made suggestions and helped us track down bugs. We have multi-currency, simpler firewall setup, more access to router settings and a bug fix.

Here's what is new:

1) Multi Currency Support.
For our friends outside the USA - you can charge your customers in your own currency. We do still process the credit card transactions in US dollars, so we show the price in the local currency together with the $ amount in brackets afterwards. You can see what it looks like for the customer here

I think it works really well.

2) Easy firewall setup
The new firmware is easier to use, fixes a bug and opens up loads of new options for the more technically minded hotspot owners!

One gremlin that can make setting up a hotspot harder is if you are stuck behind a firewall or router. We’ve added a single button that lets you make all the changes you’ll need to make on the hotspot to deal with this. Just click on the ‘lock down settings’ button in the advanced tab and the hotspot will configure itself to use a static IP address and it’s current gateway and DNS settings.
After that one click, all you’ll need to do is enable the DMZ in your router. I’ve started a thread in the forum to collect instructions on how to do that with various modems & routers, so if you can contribute settings for any modems or routers you know, that would be great.

3) Rocket Science
The new firmware adds a tab called ‘Rocket Science’. This lets you get at lots of additional settings which are normally available through openWRT. These include
-Adding your own firewall rules
-Enabling WDS

I’ll look forward to seeing what people do with these – please report interesting stories at the forum!

4) Bug Fix
We had a bug in the last firmware where if your hotspot was connected behind a router and the router’s IP address changed, then our system didn’t get the IP  update. This meant you had to reboot your hotspot to give us that update.
That’s now fixed.

How to upgrade from an existing WifiTastic firmware:

  1. Turn off your hotspot and turn it on again (unplug the power cable and re-connect it). This makes sure that the hotspot gives us it's IP address.
  2. Once the hotspot has re-started, open your hotspot’s management page by typing into your web browser’s address bar. (or click on the link)
  3. Click on the 'Login' button and log in to your owner page.
  4. You should see a banner advertising the new firmware. Click on it.
  5. Your hotspot will be upgraded.
  6. Now you can log in to the new firmware by typing into your web browser’s address bar again. Your original settings should be there and the 'login' button should show.
  7. If you see the 'Get Started at WifiTastic' button, then please just email us at support@WifiTastic.com and we'll send your settings back down to your hotspot manually.

The whole thing should take 5-10 minutes.

How to upgrade from a non-WifiTastic firmware
Follow the instructions here

Finally, If you have any feedback on WifiTastic, we'd love to hear it. How can we make it better? Send your thoughts to support@WifiTastic.com


The WifiTastic Team.

23 May 2006

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